Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More ridiculous news!

So a mom has now been asked to stop breastfeeding at a park because, according to the manager, breast milk is a bodily fluid and could contaminate the park and it would have to be shut down. Are these people for real? Not only did this ignoramus threaten another mom, he also waved internet print outs about HIV in breast milk in her face.
It's difficult to believe that in 2008 people are this stupid. Even if the mom was HIV+, how does he figure her breastfeeding her child would affect anyone else? And breastfeeding in public is perfectly legal in Florida (in fact, we were the first state to create a law protecting it!) Also, the CDC does not qualify breast milk as a body fluid requiring special handling. In fact, they say that even if your child was accidentally given a whole bottle of breast milk from a mother who is HIV+, the chance of infection is extremely small.
Why are nursing moms still being harassed like this? Every day it's something new and it appears to be getting worse and worse.

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