Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breast milk is magic

Two nights ago my son had a nose that would not stop dripping all night! He hates to be suctioned, but I did it anyway and squirted him with saline drops during the night when he would let me. In the morning he was still dripping! I took a gander on Kelly Mom to see if there was anything else I could try and read that she recommends squirting some breast milk into the nose. Hhmm. Well, it couldn't hurt, so I tried it when I got home from work(my son found this to be hilarious, by the way. The milk got everywhere and he laughed and laughed).
After his bath, I squirted him again, nursed him upright and put him down in his crib, slightly elevated on a pillow. I also put the humidifier on for him. This morning there was not one drip! Not one! The last time he caught a slight cold the drip lasted for weeks.

Some other issues that benefit from breast milk's healing properties include:
pink eye (just squirt into the eye)
sore, cracked nipples during those first few weeks of nursing (just express some milk onto nipples and allow to air dry)
itchy ant/mosquito bites
diaper rash
ear infections (squirt into the ear)
acne (apply to a clean face with a cotton ball)
chapped lips
vaginal dryness (use as a lubricant, the same way you would KY Jelly)
ulcerative colitis
crohn's disease

and many, many more! Pretty damn cool.

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