Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School!

Here in Florida, we are in the middle of our third week back to school. I'd be lying if I said that we are fully back in the swing of things. Now that we have two kids to drop off, our mornings are more hectic and we collapse in an exhausted heap after putting the babies to bed and fixing everyone's lunch for the next day. I told my husband that I fully expect our lives to be a complete and total blur for the next few years until the kids can do more things for themselves and everyone is consistently sleeping in his or her own bed, and preferably all night. We've got a few years.

But of course I was excited for back to school time because it meant I got to shop for a new little girl's wardrobe for the first time ever! And even though Aminah is only in size 18 months, the options for girls are just so adorable I found myself pulling out my wallet so frequently this summer, that by the time August arrived she was really all set. So when The Children's Place invited me to their annual Back-to-School media shopping event, I decided to use my gift card to shop for Miles.

 I brought him along with me to the store because, all of a sudden he has OPINIONS about his clothing. Like, who knew that a 4-year-old boy could (and would) care so much? He enjoys putting his own outfits together lately. They  never match and make me look like a terrible mother, but he's so proud of himself that I just can't get mad. He has a definite aesthetic already that I think is heavily influenced by my husband's style. At the store he picked out several polos, mesh track pants, some wind pants and a cute pair of rock n' roll pajamas. We splurged on a Sonic shirt, too.

And of course I sneaked over to the girls' side and grabbed a few things for Aminah as well. I couldn't resist this swing dot top in purple, the ditsy chacha top, a tiered cream blouse and a few Hello Kitty graphic tees.

We may be bleary-eyed and exhausted on a daily, but we look damn good. That's all that matters, right?

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