Friday, March 18, 2005

Advertising on Blacktating

Do you want to be seen by smart, savvy moms who are into breastfeeding and natural and attachment parenting? Place your ad on Blacktating and reach your target audience!

E-mail me at for rates for ad space. I accept 125x125 ads on a monthly basis. I will also place banner ads that run three months or longer directly upon request (contact

To gain more visibility, contact me about sponsoring a contest on Blacktating. I promote these contests on many different contest websites, generating traffic and buzz–this way everyone wins! Contact me to learn more about sponsoring a contest.

Do you want your gotta-have -it breastfeeding product reviewed on Blacktating? If you are interested in having me post about your product, I encourage you to submit a sample for review.

I am also a member of several affiliate programs, including Share A Sale. Please let me know if you have a program you would like me to consider.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Blacktating blog!

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