Friday, August 15, 2008

All plugged up!

I am currently suffering from a plugged duct and a milk blister. My son is learning to walk, and while he hasn't gone on a full nursing strike, he is very easily distracted and is more interested in playing and exploring than eating. This coupled with his sleeping longer stretches at night have left me a little backed up. I know the best thing is to nurse as frequently as possible, but I'm at work today so I am pumping overtime. I'm also applying moist heat and using a warm saltwater soak to unclog the blister.
I'm considering purchasing a nursing necklace to help with the distraction while eating. There are some really beautiful and affordable options in this Etsy store. I think this one is my favorite

Have any of you ever used one? Did they work in helping baby concentrate on the task at hand? For how long? Any crafty moms make their own nursing necklaces?

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