Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review & Giveaway: Cushie Pushie

I was looking at an old picture of myself in a bikini the other day. I couldn't believe how tiny my waist was and how firm and high my boobs were. My boobs! The boobs that used to fit in a 36B that have grown and stretched and are currently at DD status. Of course I knew my breasts would get bigger after having a baby, but I never thought I'd have DDs. I couldn't imagine then how heavy and annoying big boobs can be. I am the rare woman who never wanted big breasts and was just fine with my teeny tiny bras (no underwire necessary). Now? Well, now, those same bras look like doll clothes and when I take my bra off, I'm practically unrolling my breasts and thankfully my man likes me and tries to pretend he didn't hear the thud when they hit the ground.

I'm exaggerating (slightly), but I can only imagine how my sister-friends who had big jugs to begin with feel about their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. When you start with Ds or DDs, what do your boobs look like after your milk comes in? And how can a teeny tiny baby get latched on properly to those huge things? I know women whose boobs were bigger than their whole baby! I can only assume this was the inspiration for the Cushie Pushie, a support pillow for your huge new boobs.

The Cushie Pushie works by keeping your breast pushed up, making it easier to get your baby latched on and nurse hands-free. All of you big-boobed gals out there know you sometimes have to hold your boob up to keep it from suffocating your new bundle of joy.

I was actually amazed at how well it worked. At first I was a bit confused as to how to use it, but the instructions are simple: place the longest side of the pillow under your breast and the shortest side will be touching your arm. That's it! (Illustrated instructions can be found here). Your boob is now propped up and ready for nursing. You can now nurse hands-free. The Cushie Pushie also works well with a regular breastfeeding pillow, like the Boppy. Even if you don't have huge boobs, this is a great way to help position your baby on the breast, especially in the early days. At $15, you can't go wrong with this handy little pillow.

Want one of your own? Cushie Pushie is offering one of my readers a Cushie Pushie of her own. Simply tell me in a comment what pattern you'd like to win (non-organic only, please). Choose wisely, because if you win, this is the pattern you're getting! Happy breastfeeding!

Contest opened to U.S. residents only, please. Contest will run until midnight EST on Wednesday, August 26th. Winner will be selected via Random.org and notified via email & on this post. Winner will have 48 hours to respond, at which point another winner will be selected.

Congratulations to Melanie! You've won a Cushie Pushie. Please contact me with your mailing address within 48 hours or another winner will be selected.

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