Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kimora Lee Breastfeeding!

Kimora Lee & her fiance Djimon Hondsou recently released pictures of their baby boy Kenzo to the US edition of OK! Magazine. I had been begging on Twitter for Kimora to talk about breastfeeding if she had chosen to do so, but I heard not a peep in response. Then these pictures came out and all I could think was, "She HAS to be breastfeeding, those are total milk boobs!" So I Googled once again and this time found a quote on the Celebrity Baby Blog.

About how she’s been trying to lose her post-pregnancy weight this time around?

“Breastfeeding really helps, and sometimes I hit the treadmill with Djimon, but I’ve only done that four times.”

Leave it to a celebrity blog to only ask about her weight loss, but yay, she's breastfeeding! It would have been nice if she'd talked more about the wonderful bonding that comes with breastfeeding or how healthy it is for mom and baby, but I'll take it! I know a lot of people look up to Kimora and her fabulous persona so hopefully she'll be a positive influence on some young women of color and they'll decide to breastfeed.

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