Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday 5

It's Friday, August 7th and it's the last day of World Breastfeeding Week. Did you find a way to celebrate? Here are the latest breastfeeding-related stories making waves in the news.

People are up in arms over a doll that allows little girls to pretend to breastfeed.

A new sculpture features Angelina Jolie breastfeeding twins in the football hold while nude (picture available).

A couple received a $115 ticket for parking in a no-standing zone so the wife could nurse their baby. Maybe if nursing in public were more accepted, she wouldn't have felt the need to hide in the car?

Sentencing begins today for the woman charged with child neglect for allegedly breastfeeding her baby while drunk. For a more nuanced look at the case and the charges, please visit Jake Marcus' blog.

Uh oh, the IRS may be coming after breastfeeding moms!

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