Thursday, August 20, 2009

Erykah Badu on homebirth, breastfeeding, veganism & more

Thanks to Karen at Mama Seoul for sending me the link to this great interview with Erykah Badu on I've blogged before about Erykah's extended nursing and how she Twittered during her home birth, but in this interview she talks in-depth about her belief in natural & attachment parenting. Erykah is open about how she chooses to raise her family, which includes a vegan diet and home schooling. My favorite quote?

Back to Mars for a minute — how did the people who were reading about her birth react on Twitter? Did you get any criticism about tweeting while birthing?

I have no idea, actually. But the Twitter community was happy to welcome her into the world. They ask about her every month. She just turned six months, and I got a lot of "happy six months." She's the first Twitter baby, and she's breastfed on Twitty milk.

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