Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank You for Nursing in Public

Welcome, Carnival of Breastfeeding readers! Here is my contribution to the June Carnival, Nursing in Public.

When was the last time you saw a woman breastfeeding in public? When was the last time you saw a woman feeding a baby in public with a bottle? Do you find yourself wondering, whenever you see a woman with a baby, "If she breastfeeding?" Are you a bit let down when you notice the formula in the shopping cart or the prepared bottle sitting in the stroller cup holder? Do you wonder if that mom is a breastfeeding mom, too, just not in public? Is she scared, embarrassed, ashamed to nurse in public?

Do you nurse in public? If you do, I thank you. Every time you nurse in public you help to normalize breastfeeding. Every time you nurse in public, you remind people that not everyone chooses formula. Every time you nurse in public, you have the potential to encourage another woman to breastfeed. Every time you nurse in public, you might convince a mom that she doesn't have to pump or feed her baby formula when out and about. Maybe your nursing in public will let a mama know she doesn't need to retreat to the bathroom/backseat of the car/back bedroom/nursing mother's room. Simply by breastfeeding your baby in public, you are standing up for yourself, your baby and nursing mother's everywhere. Thank you.

Want to thank a woman for nursing in public? Download this "Thank You for Nursing in Public" Card created by Amanda at Kind Over Matter.

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