Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Product Review: Shower Hug

I was recently sent a Shower Hug to review by the company that produces them, Bel Mama & Cherub. The Shower Hug is a piece of terry velour cloth with a velcro strip that is meant to be wrapped around your chest to protect engorged breasts and sensitive nipples in the shower. Remember the first shower you took after your milk came in? How the water beating down on your chest was so painful? How you tried to wash up without getting any soap on your nipples because they were already cracked and dry, and maybe even scabbed over and bloody? Even though those days are long behind me, I remember them well and I'm now wishing I had heard of the Shower Hug then! This little piece of cloth is so versatile and really works. I wore it in the shower last night. Here I am posing before jumpin' in.

I ordered my Shower Hug in size M/L (it also comes in size S and "Goddess" it!) and you want to be sure the fit is snug, so that it can provide support for your breasts. Because the material is so soft and stretchy you don't have to worry about it rubbing up against your nipples in a painful way. If you are between sizes, order a size down.

Although my milk supply has adjusted nicely to my toddler's needs, I found myself with a bleb (milk blister) the other day and the Shower Hug arrived just in time. I wore it in the shower and it really did support my breasts and protect my nipples. I was worried that as soon as the water hit it, it would sag and start to feel heavy and fall off, but it's ridiculously absorbent and stayed right in place! Afterwards I rung it out and hung it up in the bathroom on the towel bar.

PROS of the Shower Hug:
-TONS of uses, including as an alternative to a nursing bra for nighttime use, as a wrap to hold in your post-partum belly, to hold cooling gel inserts in place near your breasts, to provide moist heat for healing plugged ducts & mastitis, as breast pads to catch leaking milk and more.
- Reusable & "green," organic material options available.
- Can take the place of several nursing accessories.
- Makes a unique gift for mom-to-be.

- At $30, it definitely falls into the "splurge" category, but if you think of it as a replacement for traditional nursing pads and nighttime nursing bras, it doesn't seem as bad.
- Takes a long time to air dry, so you'd need to pop it in the dryer to ensure it was dry for your shower the next day (hahaha, I made a funny! A new mom getting to take a shower every day? Yeah, right!)

So would I recommend the Shower Hug? A resounding "yes!" This is one of those products you don't realize you need until you try it! After I was done testing it out all I could think was, "This thing is awesome, why didn't I think of it?"

Want to try the Shower Hug? You can order it online or see if it's available at a retailer near you.

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