Monday, June 9, 2008

Pump it up!

Yesterday was my first day back at work after a long and enjoyable 6-month maternity leave. As difficult as it was to leave my baby, I knew he was in good hands (his father's) so it made the transition easier. When he has to go to regular daycare in August I am sure I'll be a wreck, but that is another post for another day.
So yesterday was my first day pumping full-time! To all the moms out there who are exclusively pumping for their babes because they had latch issues or supply issues....god bless ya! I don't think I could do this full-time! It's so time consuming, painful and arduous. Watching that slow drip into the bottle is like Chinese water torture. I was so stressed about making enough milk for the baby to eat for the next day that I could barely concentrate on anything else. I was able to get 4 oz my first pump, which was great. The second two only yielded 3 oz, but 10 oz is actually just enough. I have a decent freezer stash built up so I am not worried yet. I am drinking my mother's milk tea, trying to get enough rest, trying to stay stress-free. Here's to all the working moms who are pumping in order to continue giving their babies the best food possible. It's tough but so worth it. An extra special shout-out to those of you pumping in bathroom stalls, your car, janitor's closets and other less than ideal spaces. You are amazing and your babies are lucky to have you!

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