Thursday, June 26, 2008


I just wanted to clarify my last post a bit. I definitely understand why some women are shy about breast feeding in public and I totally get that lots of women are more modest than I am. It's just that I feel like the marketing of these nursing cover-ups is very much akin to the type of advertising we get for other (largely unnecessary) products like douche, scented tampons, "feminine deodorant" sprays and the like. It's like the underlying message is that women's bodies and their functions are gross and dirty and need to be covered up, perfumed and otherwise appropriately obscured from men because they shouldn't have to deal with the nastiness that is the natural smell of a vagina, a period or a breast during the function it was designed for. Our bodies are apparently only good for titillating men and they better look damn good while doing it, too. And if not, then you better cover that shit up!

picture via Vintage Ads

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