Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nursing in public

I know this is a really hot topic and people get really worked up over it. But what is the big deal about nursing in public? I don't get why people have such a visceral reaction to a mom feeding her baby the way babies were intended to be fed. Is it because it reminds them that, at the end of the day, we are all just animals, no different from monkeys and dogs? Is it really because they are so offended at the thought of seeing a breast? I see more boobs when I watch TV or go to the beach then what is visible when I nurse my son in public. But even if a mom doesn't want to be discreet, that's her right in most states. An exposed breast for the purpose of feeding an infant is, legally, not obscene.
I remember when I was pregnant and creating my registry at Babies R Us and I saw this

OK, who in the hell would use this to feed her baby in public? Are you seriously that insecure? I understand modesty, but that thing is ridiculous. How can a baby even breathe under there? I feel like if you need that cover, you should probably just stay home. How do you even rig that thing up when your baby is crying and hungry? I can't even imagine my son waiting patiently while I covered myself in that burqa for fear that someone might see a small piece of my nipple.
I personally have never used anything, except maybe a receiving blanket, and I've never felt exposed. I did see this Slurp and Burp extolled on some other sites.

At least this provides coverage of the breast but doesn't suffocate the child. Although really I don't get why there is even a market for these products.

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