Friday, May 6, 2011

New Crunchy Black Mom on the Block: Ananda Lewis

You remember Ananda Lewis from BET's Teen Summit and and MTV's Total Request Live? I hadn't thought about her in forever until I saw she updated her Twitter stream to announce the birth of her new baby boy. Ananda tweeted:

"Took me 9 3/4 months to grow a baby, 14 hours of labor and 18 minutes of pushing (at home & drug-free) to get him into the world, and every minute of the rest of my life to kiss on him NONSTOP! I love being a mommy!! Looking forward to my 1st Mother's Day with my kid!"

Drug-free home birth? Check! Cloth diapers? Check!

I'm guessing tweets about breastfeeding her new baby boy can't be far away. Congrats, Ananda! Welcome to the Crunchy Black Mom Club!

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