Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seeking Submissions for the March Carnival of Breastfeeding: On Breastfeeding & Race

The theme for the March Carnival of Breastfeeding is breastfeeding and race. This month, we'd especially love to hear from moms of color about your breastfeeding experience and what role you think your race played in shaping that experience. Some topics that we'd love to hear you explore are:
  • What are the cultural beliefs about breastfeeding amongst your race?
  • Do you think your race played a role in how you were treated by health care providers, including nurses, lactation consultants, OBGYN and pediatrician?
  • What are the breastfeeding rates like for people of your race, and how did this influence your decision to breastfeed?
  • Any other observations about what breastfeeding is like in your community?
As always, we are looking for posts that are:
  • Well-written and free of grammatical errors
  • Directly on topic for the Carnival theme
  • Submitted by blogs that cover topics that are of interest to our readers (breastfeeding, parenting, etc).
Submissions are due by March 7th and the Carnival will go live on March 14th. Please use this Google doc spreadsheet to submit your post. If your post is selected for inclusion, you will be expected to link back to each of the other participants in the Carnival. Examples of past Carnivals can be found here.

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