Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday 5: February 18th

I'm feeling nostalgic and I've read some wonderful posts this week so I've decided to bring back the Friday 5. Here's what you need to check out this week.

Nursing in Captivity: On Bethenny, Gorillas, and Why It Really Does Take a Village.....on Dou-La-La. Anne doesn't nearly update her blog enough, but when she does? Pure genius. This post really gets to the heart of why nursing in public is so important, not just for the individual, but in order to transform society.

Michelle Bachmann Targets Michelle Obama's Breastfeeding Initiative.....on The Root. When I first saw Bachmann's quotes come across my inbox, I was so shocked and disgusted. I thought about blogging about it, but I was too angry. This is an even post that beautifully states why her statements were so offensive.

A Single Stream of Breastmilk.... on breastfeedingarts. A wonderful reminder that, although it sometimes looks like young, single, childless folks are having more fun, there is really nothing better than being a mom.

Shadeism.......This short documentary is an introduction to "shadeism," or the discrimination that exists between lighter and darker-skinned people of color. If you're not familiar with this topic, it is definitely worth watching. Look out for a scene with breastfeeding around the 16:00 mark.

Breastfeeding in Disaster....Sustainable Mothering. An absolutely gut-wrenching photo and article about a dark time in our country's history. A reminder of the horrific conditions under which many women are breastfeeding their babies all over the world.

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