Friday, April 9, 2010

Christina Milian: Breastfeeding Mama!

Christina Milian and her husband, music producer The Dream, welcomed a baby girl named Violet on February 26th and have shared some pictures of her with US Weekly.

Photo by Larsen & Talbert, US Weekly

OK, all together now..."Aaaawww!" Baby Violet is so cute and looks like a little diva already! Christina says she has a ton of personality and laughs all the time. She also says she plans to breastfeed for a year (YAY!) and that she's "surprised how hungry she is. Like, how do I keep up?"

I think it's interesting how people are generally surprised at some of the normal behaviors of breastfed infants. We've all been so accustomed to how formula fed babies act, sometimes we forget that it's perfectly normal for a breastfed infant to eat quite frequently, especially in the first few weeks. I think all of us worried about our milk supplies in the beginning, but I am sure Christina and Violet will be just fine. Keep bringing that baby to the breast and nursing her on cue, Christina. I hope you are able to meet your breastfeeding goal and that you and Violet enjoy a wonderful nursing relationship.

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