Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wendy Williams: "I couldn't breastfeed"

I don't care what anyone says, I absolutely LOVE Wendy Williams. She is a hot mess in many ways, but I love that she's so over the top. The wigs, the make-up, the huge breast implants, the humongous jewelry, the skin-tight clothing. Wendy takes everything we think of as "feminine" and turns it up 10 notches. She is a gossip and loves nothing more than to dish dirt, but she keeps it real about her own past, including an addiction to drugs and the problems in her marriage. I've never seen her break down, so imagine my surprise when I saw Wendy brought to tears by her inability to breastfeed.

Heartbreaking, right? I know that Wendy had, as she puts it, a tumultuous relationship with her mother. Wendy seems to feel that, in this moment, her mother really came to her rescue and supported her because she didn't force her to continue to breastfeed. Her mother gave her the out to switch to formula.

I love Wendy, but I don't think this is "support." Support would have been to sit with her and hold her, help her to latch the baby on when he woke up hungry. Support would have been to tell her, "First thing in the morning we're going to go back to the hospital and see a lactation consultant together!" Support would have been to tell her that things seemed bad now, but that they'd get better. I've written before about my own struggles in the beginning and about how the support from my partner made all the difference to me continuing to breastfeed and I was seriously committed to making it work! Imagine how I would feel today if he had given me the green light to give up when I was at my lowest point? Sort of like Wendy, I guess, who can still be brought to tears over not breastfeeding 9 years later.

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