Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Warning on Evenflo Breast Pumps

The company Evenflo recently released a brand new double electric breast pump, the Comfort Select Performance Dual Pump. The pump was a redesign based on company research and discussions with moms on what they needed and wanted in a breast pump. They had a big marketing campaign back around June where they did several giveaways on "mommy blogs." Annie @ PhD in Parenting reviewed the pump and I was given one to review as well. Since I rarely pump anymore, my plan was to give the pump to my friend who was pregnant to use and get her feedback and post it to the blog. I actually just visited her and her new daughter this weekend and gave her the pump, with the caveat of waiting until at least 6 weeks postpartum to use it. My friend will be staying at home with her baby, so I thought this pump would be great for her as it was billed as an "occasional use" pump.

Now, literally days after I dropped it off to her, I see that the FDA has issued a warning against this pump, saying it found manufacturing violations at two of the plants where the breast pumps are made. In addition, Evenflo reportedly received complaints from several women who claimed they received electrical shocks from using the pump. The FDA says Evenflo failed to properly investigate these claims. According to the news article,

"Amy Neff, Evenflo's associate general counsel, said the company does investigate its consumer complaints but said the problem was a 'documentation issue.' In its letter, the FDA said the company's response to the complaint-investigation problem is now 'adequate.' However, on the medical-device reporting problem, the FDA said the company has yet to fully address the agency's concerns.

Lindsay Harris, Evenflo's vice president of quality and product integrity, said, 'We are working cooperatively with the FDA' to address the agency's concerns. He said the company reports all device complaints to the agency."

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