Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday 5

A round-up of the top 5 breastfeeding stories in the news.

A woman and her boyfriend are arrested after an Eckerds employee finds pictures of the couple's toddler nursing to be "suspicious." The kids have been taken away. Don't mess with Texas?

A third of moms stop breastfeeding within 7 weeks of returning to work. Is this shocking to anyone?

Two new bills in California: one would require HMOs and insurance companies to cover lactation consultant visits and the cost of breast pumps; the other requires employers to provide break time for pumping.

The University of North Carolina Greensboro is hosting a symposium on breastfeeding and feminism with some really interesting sounding presentations.

A mom is suing the Olive Garden because she claims they forced her to pump at work in view of a manager and called pumping "disgusting."

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