Monday, February 16, 2009

February Carnival of Breastfeeding: Do It Yourself!

Welcome to this month's Carnival of Breastfeeding!

This month's theme is how to save money while breastfeeding. Now, we all know you'll save a ton of money just by breastfeeding alone, but here are a couple more ways you can save while nursing-- if you do it yourself.

Now, I personally could not live without my breastfeeding pillow (I still use it 14 months later) but the extra covers are pricey. I am not crafty at all, but even I could manage to make a DIY cover. For the cost of about 2 yards of fabric, you can have a beautiful cover that reflects your personality. I like these instructions.

When you're pumping at work, it's difficult to hold the horns and do anything else at all, which is why a lot of moms buy specialty pumping bras. But you can rig up a regular nursing bra so that you can pump hands-free with a couple of rubber bands.

If you are not really separated from your baby often, you can skip purchasing a pump and learn the fine art of hand expression. The Marmet Technique takes some practice, but some moms get just as much milk by hand as they do by pumping!

Another way to save some cash is to skip all of the various nursing covers. Simply pull your shirt down to cover your breast and position baby across your body to cover your tummy. Practice in front of the mirror before leaving the house. If you can eschew the cover, you'll also help normalize breastfeeding in public.

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