Monday, December 22, 2008


One of the questions people seem to ask me often is whether or not my partner has tasted my breast milk. I usually say, "Of course he has." Is that strange? I thought that all women tasted their breast milk and figured husbands probably did too. I can't wait until my son gets old enough and I can ask him what he think my milk tastes like.

My milk tastes like vanilla cow milk to me. When my milk first came in, it was very sweet, almost sickeningly so. I remember it tasted almost like sweetened coffee creamer. The sticky sweet smell was so overpowering that all you had to do was stand next to me and you could smell my milk. As my son has gotten older, my milk has become less sweet.

Did you taste your milk? Did your husband/partner taste it? Are your kids old enough to tell you what it tastes like? What do they say?

Pete Wentz, husband to Ashlee Simpson, admitted to tasting her milk. While doing promos on SIRIUS radio, Pete confessed that he tried Ashlee's breast milk, but thought it tasted "soury" and "weird." Maybe Ashlee has excess lipase?

"The baby loves it, it’s the only thing he’s had a chance to have," he added.

Lucky kid.

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