Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Extended nursing still not mainstream

Actress Kelly Rutherford (who stars on Gossip Girl, but who will forever be Megan Lewis from Melrose Place to me) talked to US Weekly about nursing her two-year-old son, Hermes. Not only is Ms. Rutherford an extended nurser, she is also pregnant and may end up tandem nursing. The story got picked up by NY Daily News' gossip page where she was derided for breastfeeding her "walking and talking" toddler (the headline? "Udderly Icky").
First of all, Kelly Rutherford is a woman and doesn't have udders. Second of all, there is nothing icky about nursing your child, even if he or she is walking or talking or eating solid food or has teeth or any of the other arbitrary things people take as a sign that you need to wean. If you and your baby are still enjoying your nursing relationship, then have at it!

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