Monday, September 8, 2008

Mark your calendars: Breastfeeding Olympics

2008 Breastfeeding Challenge
Or, as it is known in the Philippines, The Breastfeeding Olympics!

What: A fun event to challenge geographic areas to see who can get the most babies breastfeeding at one time. The winners are determined by a percentage of birthrate.

When: October 11, 2008

Time: 11:00 am your time

Why: To celebrate breastfeeding, to educate the general public, to develop peer support, and to just have fun!

Location/Site: Anywhere you can get 2 or more moms together. Some sites are in someone's home. Other sites are in hospitals. Sites can be in a park, at a clinic, at City Hall, on the Capitol grounds, in a football stadium, at a theater, at a community pool, at a local restaurant, at a mall, at a health fair, at a baby store, at a maternity store, at the library - anywhere you want to gather to have a nurse-in. If your site is in a public location, be sure to get permission to use it as a site.

How the Challenge Got Started: In 2001, the Quintessence Foundation in British Columbia sponsored the first event. That year, there were 856 babies in 26 sites in B.C. Last year, there were 5,383 babies in 230 sites across Canada and the U.S. This year, the event will be an
international effort.

Join this Worldwide Event. Sign up for a site today. Invite all the breastfeeding moms you know and have them invite all their friends. Tell them to get to the event about 15 minutes early to get registered and find a spot. Only those latched on at 11:00 am can be counted in the results!

For more information and to sign up for a site:
Go to This site includes a place to sign up, handouts for moms, and press releases, etc. for organizers.

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