Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breastfeeding help

The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be tough. New moms are given all manner of bad advice from friends and family, as well as health care professionals who haven't been trained in the fine art of breastfeeding. The nurses at the hospital told me I should take my son off the breast after 15 minutes and one even told me I would have a hard time because I have "terrible nipples" (they're a bit flat). Both of these were dead wrong! But where does a new mom turn to for help with breastfeeding?
It used to be that women learned how to breastfeed from the other women in their lives: mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, etc. Even today, in developing nations, women grow up watching other women breastfeed. It's natural and normal. Today, breastfeeding is hidden. Moms pump and use bottles when out in public or cover up with a wrap. Even amongst close family and friends, I've seen women retreat to a bedroom or bathroom at a party to feed their babies. If you've never seen someone do it the right way and even the medical pros don't know what they're talking about, how do you know when you're doing it wrong and who do you turn to for help? If you can't afford a consultation with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant or one is not available to you through your hospital, here are some free places to turn.
I literally taught myself how to latch my baby on correctly by watching Youtube videos and reading online! Here are a list of amazing breastfeeding sites that have helped me tremendously along this journey.

Kelly Mom
Dr. Jack Newman's breastfeeding handouts and videos
Mother 2 Mother
Breastfeeding Essentials
La Leche League

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