Monday, February 27, 2012

Breastfeeding Makes Strong Babies

Although the city of Milwaukee has been villified (and rightly so) for their anti-bedsharing campaign that used images of babies in bed with dangerous items like butcher knives, I have to give props to this breastfeeding video put together by the city's newspaper.

Featuring the awesome Dalvery Blackwell, co-founder of the African-American Breastfeeding Network, this video highlights a program in Milkwaukee aimed at encouraging young African-American moms to initiate breastfeeding.

The video was put together as part of the Journal Sentinel Online's Empty Cradles feature, which covers the city's abysmal infant mortality rates. It's a huge problem for the city that has definitely reached epidemic proportions. From unsafe sleep sleep deaths and lack of breastfeeding to social problems like alcoholism and smoking, black babies in Milwaukee are definitely at an increased risk for death in the first year of life.

Hats off to Dalvery and the great work she is doing. I'm glad she is being recognized as she fights the good fight.

To watch the video, click here.

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