Monday, August 8, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week 2011: What did you do?

This was quite the eventful World Breastfeeding Week! We got the CDC's 2011 breastfeeding report card, along with a scathing indictment of hospital practices that undermine breastfeeding in Vital Signs magazine. We learned that the Affordable Care Act would include coverage for IBCLCs and breast pump purchases. A study in Pediatrics confirmed what lactation consultants already knew: that clipping a tongue tie greatly improved both mothers' comfort while nursing and breastfeeding duration.

I was lucky enough to attend an event at a local hospital on Sunday that included speakers, giveaways, a fashion show and a yummy catered lunch. The invitees were mostly moms who had given birth at that hospital recently or were planning to give birth there soon. I got to meet some local IBCLCs and doulas and see lots and lots of adorable babies. I was pleased to see that nearly every mom there was wearing her baby (and not in no Baby Bjorn nonsense, I'm talking Mobys and Mayas and Ergos everywhere!) and I saw lots and lots of breastfeeding, some of it without a cover. Whoo hoo! (It's the small things that make a lactivist really happy, no?)

But I'd like to hear what you all did to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. Did you attend a Big Latch On event? Did your local breastfeeding coalition or La Leche League group put something together? Let me know how you marked this historic week in the comments.

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