Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Splash At The Children's Place

I was recently invited to attend a media event for my favorite clothing store for kids, The Children's Place, at a local mall here in Miami. Although it's only April, it's really been summer here in the Sunshine State for a while and so we'd already packed away the jeans and long-sleeve Ts and busted out the shorts, sandals and tank tops.

Everyone knows that The Children's Place clothing is really quality stuff. And when they have a sale, they have a SALE. Beofre being invited to the event I was in the store stocking up on stuff from their Spring collection, like linen button downs for $3.99 a piece and polos for $4.99. So I knew that armed with a generous gift card I was going to be able to do some serious damage in the store.

The Summer collection seemed like it was made especially for me, as it is full of plaid shorts in various colors, graphic Ts, polos and lots of bright blues. I tend to dress him so that he looks like a "little man" and many of his outfits are very similar to Daddy's. I grabbed up every pair of plaid shorts I could find in a 4T, as well as these super cute skull shorts.

Miles' new summer wardrobe basically looks like this:

I was *thisclose* to grabbing up some adorable baby girl stuff but since we don't know the sex of the new baby yet, I stuck to shopping for Miles. But seriously, HOW CUTE IS THIS?!?!

In addition, I also grabbed a pair of sturdy brown sandals that have become Miles' faves and a cute pair of plaid shoes that he wore over the holidays. We are officially set for summer here! Have you checked out The Chidlren's Place's summer collection yet?

Disclosure: As stated above, I was provided with a gift card to shop at the store. Opinions, as always, are my own. No one else would want them.


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