Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Blacktating Posts: 2010 Edition

Another year is ending, and I wanted to take the time to highlight some of my favorite posts from this year. The stuff that made me angry, made me smile and made me think.  If there was a post you particularly liked that I left off, please leave a comment letting me know!

Black Women Breastfeeding: A Multi-Generational Story. Yes, black women do breastfeed, and some African-American families do have a legacy of breastfeeding that has endured.

Did My Birth Experience Set Me Up to Fail at Breastfeeding? Too many of us have experienced an overly medicalized birth, where even seemingly benign interventions have gone on to cause problems. No wonder so many women are having so many difficulties with breastfeeding.

Why African Babies Don't Cry. Need some reassurance that your hands-on, attached parenting style is not only OK but pretty freaking great? Here you go.

New Nestle WHO Code Violation: House Parties. The post that got me a link on AOL Health News, launched BYOBoobz parties from Best for Babes and got me a shout out from Marsha Walker who called my blog "wonderful."

Target's Idea of Breastfeeding Marketing. Hint: it's light on actual breastfeeding. What happens to breastfeeding when it becomes all about the pump? Great conversation here on how and why some moms choose to exclusively pump and how marketing is influencing how new moms breastfeed.

Is Breastfeeding Intimate? What is your definition of intimate and would you use that word to describe breastfeeding? This post got a lot of intersting comments, on the blog, Facebook and Twitter, and even spilled over onto another blog.

Little Known Black History Fact: The Fultz Quads. A look at the beginning of the mass marketing of infant formula to the black community.

Empowering Breasts! How breastfeeding can actually be healing, rather than traumatizing, after sexual assault. Survivors can be encouraged to breastfeed as a way to reclaim their bodies, not only for themselves, but for their children.

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