Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breastfeeding Portrait Art by Kate Hansen

Artist Kate Hansen recently contacted me about a project she is working on called "Madonna and Child," a combination of portrait art and birth stories. Her art is really beautiful. I know that breastfeeding photographs have become trendy lately and many photographers are doing breastfeeding sessions, but I love the idea of a portrait to capture the breastfeeding experience.

Kate says she was inspired to create this art after the birth of her daughter in 2008. Each portrait is done in crayon and accented with a gold leaf halo. Kate wanted to draw some parallels between our own ideals of what a mother should be and the cultural ideal of motherhood that has been symbolized by the virgin Mary. One of the reasons she wanted to include the birth story is because of the powerful way that birth can affect your mothering, including your ability to breastfeed.

Wouldn't you love to have a portrait like this of you and your nursling? Kate is looking for more mothers to participate in the project and she would like to have more moms of color represented in her work. If you are interested in having your portrait done, you should send Kate several photographs of you and your baby nursing, along with the story of your baby's birth in your own words. Kate will need the photos to be from about mid-thigh up, preferably in sunlight.. Kate prefers that the baby be nude or in a diaper, but is happy to do whatever makes you most comfortable. As payment, Kate will send you a small signed print of your portrait.

Want to get started? Email Kate at jeffcotk@yahoo.com

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