Friday, February 19, 2010

Other Uses for Breast Pumps

Have you ever stopped to consider any other uses for your breast pump? I mean, after you fork over hundreds of dollars for a quality pump, you may feel like you got your money’s worth if you were able to provide that liquid gold for your baby for a full year (or more!) But perhaps you ladies who are more, um, frugal, wish that you could’ve found yet another use for your pump. If you’re both cheap and lazy, you’ll love what the guys at Evil Mad Scientist came up with…..a cocktail robot that makes mixed drinks. Hot!

Apparently there are people all over this great country of ours who spend lots of time creating Barbots, AKA robot bartenders. There was even a festival celebrating these cocktail robots in San Francisco last night.

This beauty was created using an Evenflo double electric pump and is capable of making cocktails with up to three ingredients. According to its inventor, it was tricky finding a pump that could quickly move liquids, but was also safe to use with food. Enter the breast pump! He says:
"If there's one consumer group that I can expect to be more picky than me when it comes to food safety it's new mothers, so these pumps-- designed to move food grade fluids without contamination-- aren't actually a crazy thing to consider. They are cleanable, don't use much power, and are inexpensive. Amazon sells a pair of these "Evenflo Comfort Select Performance" units for $45. (Try as I might, I could not find a three-pack anywhere.)"

And for those of you intellectuals who are into science and engineering, here’s what your breast pump looks like on the inside.

By the way, the guy behind Evil Mad Scientist used this baby to create a White Russian. I won’t ask where he got the milk.

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