Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Review Blog!

I have started a separate review/giveaway blog for all of the wonderful products that people send to me that I get to try out and offer to my readers as prizes. Whenever I am hosting a review/giveaway, I'll post a teaser on Blacktating, but you'll need to head over to Blacktating Reviews to actually read the review and enter the giveaway.

Since I'll be hosting a second blog anyway, I may start reviewing & giving away stuff that is not necessarily related to breastfeeding, but is compatible with my parenting philosophies. That means the products will support an attachment, gentle and natural parenting lifestyle or just be fun stuff for moms, dads and kids. I get a lot of offers to host giveaways and I've turned a lot of stuff down in the past because it wasn't related to breastfeeding and I didn't want to hurt the integrity of this blog. But I think having a separate review blog will allow me to focus on my main passion and still offer the occasional cool prize. I hope you enjoy Blacktating Reviews!

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