Thursday, October 30, 2008

Join the next Carnival of Breastfeeding: Product Reviews

The next carnival of breastfeeding will feature reviews of nursing products.
Is there a pillow you couldn't live without? Is there a book that taught you all you needed to know about nursing or a pump that's kept your baby in breast milk while you're at work? Here's your chance to write about it!
As usual, we'll be looking for posts that are:
- Well written and grammatically correct
-Thoughtful and directly related to the carnival subject
- Submitted from blogs related to breastfeeding or parenting
Email Tanya at the Motherwear blog your submission by November 10th, 2008. The carnival will be on 17th, 2008. Please note that, if your post is selected for inclusion by our regular group of bloggers, you will be asked to link to each of the other participants in the carnival. We reserve the right to choose posts for inclusion. Examples of past carnival posts can be found here.

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