Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leading Lady Nursing Bra Review

If you had asked me for a recommendation for a nursing bra a few years ago, I would have told you to get a Bravado. They were my favorite bras and I lived in them throughout the three years I nursed Miles. After the company was bought out by Medela, I didn't feel as good recommending them. Medela is presently not meeting its obligations under the WHO Code and it's not looking like that will change anytime soon. I've been searching since for a fantastic nursing bra and I have found one that I really like.

I was surprised when I received an email from Leading Lady about reviewing their nursing bra because I'd never heard of the company. I thought I knew about all of the nursing bra brands, but apparently not! Leading Lady makes both nursing bras and regular bras for full figured women. As a breastfeeding mom who is not-quite-plus-sized, I know how hard it is to find bras that fit, are comfortable and easy to nurse in. Leading Lady's nursing bras come in sizes 34B to 48F,

Leading Lady sent me two bras to review: the Nursing Bralette sports bra and the Molded Seamless wirefree bra in black.

Now, y'all know I am not sporty and I don't know when the last time I exercised was, but I loved the sports bra. I mostly wear it to sleep or when lounging around the house. It's extremely comfortable and supportive and has cute lace detailing across the top and bottom. For those of you who exercise regularly, this would be a great bra to add to your collection. The nursing clasp is super easy to open, and unlike some other nursing bras, there is no additional "flap" on these bras. Once you open  the clasp you are exposing your entire breast. This was true of both bras I tried. I prefer this version of the nursing bra because I find it easier to latch the baby on and much more convenient for pumping  at work.

The Molded Seamless is what I wear to work. When it arrived I was taken aback and how gorgeous it is. It is silky and smooth and perfect for wearing under your professional attire. Molded bras tend to not be the most comfortable, but this one is great. It lifted the girls and made them look fantastic. This is not an easy task, as anyone who has birthed and breastfed two or more kids can tell you. It even gave me great cleavage. A+!

Besides great comfort and fit, another huge bonus for these bras is that they are very affordable and you can feel good supporting Leading Lady, a family-owned business for over 70 years.

My only complaint about the Leading Lady bras is one that is an issue with most of the major bra manufacturers:  the lack of a flesh tone option for women of color. "Nude" bras are only nude for white women. I still have not found a great nursing bra in a color that could even marginally pass for "nude" for me so the search continues!

In the meantime I'll enjoy the new Spring 2012 collection, which will feature various bras in spring colors, including periwinkle, peacock and white leopard.

Leading Lady Nursing Bralette price for you: $24
Price for me: Free

Leading Lady Molded Seamless bra price for you:$30
Price for me: Free

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